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Raccoon City

Raccoon City was a Midwestern city in the Mushroom Kingdom, where the events of Super Resident Evil Mario took place. Once a bustling city occupied by about 80,000 citizens, it suffered from an outbreak of the T-Mushroom, which turned all in contact with it into zombies. In order to contain the virus, the city was eventually destroyed.

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Discover the history of the Mushroom Kingdom, from the creation of the order of its guardians, the Plumbers, 36,400 years past to the rise of Bowser's Empire.

A history of the Mushroom Kingdom is a fan made history of the Mushroom Kingdom ranging from the games to fan made Youtube videos. Before the kingdom was established, the citizens of Mushroom Land were split by civil war, led by the ancestor of Mario Mario III, Francis Mario who, after overthrowing the Solar Kingdom and creating the Union of Soviet Koopa Socialist Republics (U.S.K.S.R.), changed his name to Joseph Mario Stalin. The citizens, though seeking the capture and execution of the evil former prince Destrian, created the Mushroom Republic to challenge Mario Stalin. After forty years of civil war, Joseph Mario Stalin died and the Soviet Koopa Union collapsed. With no central power and anarchy reigning, the rebels created the Old Mushroom Kingdom.

The history of the Mushroom kingdom is divided into nine eras:

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